Artist’s Statement

“The premise of my work addresses how existence is questionable without participation. I’ve chosen the “Constructionism Philosophy” as the conceptual base in order to bring a theoretical approach to my work of the Self. The philosophy of the Self and the Other stems from the thought that all things need a counter or an Other to define them. In other words, concepts and things in general (i.e. material things, cultures to name a few) have an objective existence not precisely because they possess a natural essence, but because we as humans constructed them through our ingenuity and our creativity that emerges from our interaction through language.

          However, I believe this interaction does not solely come from human to human interaction but also can be achieved through different sources. For instance, in my work, the interaction between a painting and a person may be equally important in creating that sense of Self. Even though, I create the work, a conversation is taking place between the paintings and the viewer. In this dynamic, the viewer not only constructs the “essence” of the piece, but also observes him or herself constructing it. It is there, within this symbolic interaction, that the viewer is also being constructed by the work.”.

Luis Garcia Nerey
Miami, Florida, September 2023