Quercia di Villa Borghese | The Oak Tree of Villa Borghese


Print “Quercia di Villa Borghese” embodies its own captivating narrative. This photograph was shot using an analogue medium format camera back in 2005, capturing the crown of the remarkable oak tree, known as Quercia del Cinquecento or Quercia del Lupo, stood as a magnificent symbol within Villa Borghese and the entire city of Rome. Notably, the silhouette of a wolf’s head gracefully emerged on the right side of its trunk, adding an intriguing touch to its grandeur.

However, the passage of time took its toll, and in December 2018, the majestic oak succumbed to its inevitable fate – it was cut down. To ensure its memory lives on, the fallen trunk found new life in the hands of skilled Italian artists. With their profound craftsmanship, they transformed the remnants into sculptures, infusing the essence of the tree with artistic vitality.

In order to immortalize the legendary tree, the duo of Koldunova+Klyosov embarked on a visionary endeavor. They created a larger digital negative based on the original photograph from 2005 and printed it manually on 23K gold leaves applied on Amalfi paper. The interplay of light and reflections from different angles animates the image, magnifying the inherent beauty and power of nature and the enduring spirit of a fallen giant.

This artwork pays homage to the timeless allure of nature, inviting viewers to experience the profound beauty that lies within the passage of time.


Koldunova + Klyosov,

Miami, FL