Artist Statement

I belong to a forgotten group: children of those executed in Cuba for political reasons,” the artist states.  “Sons and daughters still too young of age to understand why we were confronted with death, separation and loneliness.  My paintings blossom from the inner depths of those childhood memories.

For me,  “Tabula Rasa” solo exhibition has a lot of personal meaning, and is also a new beginning. In 2022, my two sisters died one from COVID, and the other from cancer. I felt completely destroyed as a person and as an artist.  My two sisters represented for me my muses. They never grew old. In my mind they were part of a terrible event in my life as a child. As I have said before, my paintings blossom from the inner depths of my childhood memories. My two sisters were representatives of my childhood on this earth. When they died, I stopped painting… except for finishing up the large murals. With this exhibition, I have a new beginning.

Demi, Miami, Florida

April 2024


DEMI | Tabula Rasa, Press Release April 3, 2024


“DEMI | Tabula Rasa” Exhibition Catalog