Born in 1974 in France, lives and works in Paris.

Visual artist and photographer president of L’entreprise associationand founder of the platform gallery in Paris.
François Ronsiaux is one of those artists with protean creation, practicing his art on topics such as propaganda of Ingeniering, mo¬dern ideologies or environmental changes, it builds the likings of his experiences a puzzle or mixed chance and his own spiritual research on its relationship with the world.Using technologies and modern materials, François Ronsiaux, first photographer, creates installations, performances, visual and sound projects to the limit of balance and in allegories of reappropriation of essential laws of nature.


Exhibitions (selection)


NOVOLAND, Philippe Calandre & François Ronsiaux, Galerie Olivier Waltman, Paris

Exhibition 28ème PARALLÈLE – Module #1 – AERO CITY – Galerie Plateforme – Paris


Fotofever, Carrousel du Louvre, Olivier Waltman Gallery, Paris
Nuit Blanche, the 100 ECS, Paris, United Land


2018 White Night, La Villette, United Land
Group Show, Goutal Gallery, Aix-en-Provence
Platform Gallery, Paris


SPACE ODDITY Exhibition – Grand Paris Photography Month 2017 – Curator and Exhibition –
Corridor project / 28th Parallel – Maison des Arts de Créteil – April / May
ART PARIS ART FAIR – Grand Palais – Paris – Galerie Olivier Waltman – Ice Clock / United Land – April
ART WYNWOOD – Miami – Waltman Ortega Gallery – United Land project – February


Variation media Art Fair – ICE CLOCK Project – Cité Internationale des Arts – October
Carreau de Cergy – UNITED LAND Project – Group exhibition In the eyes of the other – November
Platform gallery Paris – Guide Project with Dorota Kleszcz – open-air exhibition in augmented reality
A Day of Coincidences – Curator and exhibition – September 2016 – September 2017
LE 100 – Paris: Project POSTURE – collective exhibition Digital Exartcise – Futur En Seine 2016 – June
Le Cube – Issy Les Moulineaux: Collective exhibition System Failure – United Land Project – Feb / Jul


If Vis Pacem, Platform Gallery, Paris
United Land and round table, Espace Jean Roger Caussimin, Tremblay, France
White Night, Paris
United Land, Nunc Contemporary Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
United Land, Hosterl St Regis, Nikolskaya, Russia
Open Space, Galerie Olivier Waltman, Paris


A day of coincidences, Platform Gallery, Paris
Our deserts, Platform Gallery, Paris
Claude Samuel Gallery, Paris
mutations Waltman Ortega Fine Art


Art Fair Cutlog, Waltman Ortega Fine Art
Show Off Art Fair, Paris
Hyphologie, Sanatorium Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
Norevover, The Cale 2 Creators, Nantes
Norevover, South Dock Gallery, Sète
Waltman Ortega Fine Art, Miami
Platform Gallery, Paris
Norevover, On Gallery, Beijing
French Institute of Tokyo, Japan
Lille Art Fair


United Land, Galerie Olivier Waltman, Paris
United Land, City of Fashion and Design, Paris
Conference / Uprade project United Land, House of People Montreuil
Conference / Uprade project United Land, Gaité Lyrique, Paris
Norevover, Platform Gallery, Paris
NoFound PhotoFair, Olivier Waltman Gallery


United Land, Platform Gallery, Paris
Galerie Olivier Waltman, Paris
Point of impact, Platform Gallery, Paris


Previously on Optical Sound, Frédéric Giroux Gallery, Paris
Echelon Galerie Olivier Waltman, Paris
Little Big Bang, Platform Gallery, Paris
Gives rise to presence, Platform Gallery, Paris


Allegories / Identities, Central Slovakian Gallery, Slovakia
In Wonderland, Kennory Kim Gallery, Paris


Casino’23, The Dojo Gallery, Nice
The night of contemporary photography Place St. Sulpice, Paris
Event Insomnies, The company at Bernard Anthonioz Art House supported by the National Foundation of graphic arts and plastics, Nogent sur Marne
Concert / Performance Zone with Dorota Kleszcz, Radio Libertaire, Epsilonia, Paris


Assonance, Kennory Kim Gallery, Paris
International Art Meeting, BWA Gallery Katowice, Poland
Addict Kennory Kim Gallery, Paris
International festival of electronic cultures Mal au pixel, Saint-Ouen
Event Heaven of the association The company at OPA Bastille, Paris
Relative loss of trajectory, Cultural Center Jean Cocteau, Paris
Fotofest International Photo Festival in Wroclaw, Poland


Silesia time of energies, Nowa Laznia Gallery, Krakow
Addict Gallery Subject, Créteil
Event Non-common transport, In Fact and The company at the Couvent des Récollets, Paris
V Wroclaw Industrial Festival, Poland


18 Instants Video Festival, Cultural Center of Fos sur Mer, France


Silesia time of energies, Nikki Diana Marquardt Gallery, Paris
Silesia time of energies, Space Cosmopolis, Nantes
WIK / WIB Festival, Katowice – Bytom, Poland
Silesia time of energies, House of Photography, Lille


Pulp, Composite event # 05 special Tokyo, Paris
The Last Factory, Galeria Isabela Carvalho, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Assonance #1, Espace Nesle, Paris
The Last Factory, Nikki Diana Marquardt Gallery, Paris


347 Theater, Paris
Transcendent Reality, Museum of Photography Krakow, Poland
Work In Paris, Gaupillat factory, Meudon


C Assignment, Espace Confluences, Paris
Retrospective, 347 Theater, Paris
347 Theater, Paris
The company, Annie Stansal Gallery, Paris




Winner finalist of the international contemporary art prize of the François Schneider Foundation




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